Imagine for just a moment that there are two lions on opposite sides of the jungle. The lion on the West side and the one on the East. The sun rises and both lions stretch and wake up, ready for to start their days with a hearty breakfast. The lion on the West side sees a little chipmunk bounding through the grass and scarfs him up. But the tiny rodent wasn’t nearly enough to feed a big lion. So our friend chases another chipmunk and another and another. By the end of the day, he’s not fully satisfied but he’s too tired and frustrated to keep hunting.


Our lion on the East side approaches his day a little differently. He knows each day a herd of antelope comes down to the watering hole for a drink. So he camps out in the grass where he expects the herd to show up. They do not disappoint him. When they stop for a drink, the lion leaps out and snags his prey. He thoroughly enjoys the meal, shares some with friends in the pride and now satisfied, takes the rest of the day to relax in the shade.


Every catch or referral you get takes the same amount of energy. Why not focus your time on the big one with the highest return on investment of time? The powerful networking practices you’ll learn from Freedom Builders is like choosing to land more antelopes in your business – those big referral partners who flip you referral after referral – so you can spend time doing what you do best and stop chasing chipmunks.