One of my close friends has an amazing way of putting things in perspective. Of course, he uses sports metaphors, which often have an uncanny way of applying to life. “You can’t steal second base with your foot on first,” he says.

Those are profound words because they apply to a concept that will change everything for you. It’s called clarity.

Put simply, once you make up your mind to do something – really make up your mind and clear your mental deck – then the results will be beyond your wildest dreams.

In the last few months, I’ve made up my mind to transform my career from one that focused on speaking to training and coaching. I’m not questioning my decision because I have clarity. Of course, I couldn’t just change things overnight. For many months, I had been working to build my coaching website including this blog while selling, training and lecturing across the country. The coaching part was chugging along, but it hadn’t clicked because I was so busy doing other things.

In other words, I still had my foot on first base.

But, just like I told you in an earlier blog, it was time to set an intention. I decided on February 15, 2010 where I was going with my new focus on coaching. I gave myself a March 31 deadline to find the clarity to embrace my new goal.

Now, I’m a bit of an over-achiever, so I found my clarity a few weeks earlier in March and my focus on coaching became laser intense.

I took my foot off first base.

Almost the minute, I began my no-holding-back sprint for second base, it happened. An emerging network marking company needed my coaching help. A college called to book me to talk to their student body as a coach. A person I met randomly at an event booked me to speak at his next event…as a coach.

By the way, all of this happened in one day.

The point is: With clarity of purpose comes stunning execution.

Some of you might be a bit confused about what clarity really means. Basically, you need to be in alignment with your life purpose statement. First, you need to know your life purpose and create that statement. Mine is: “To inspire and empower others to serve humanity by living their life’s purpose in the spirit, love and joy.” My purpose is to help you find and achieve your goals. It’s rather obvious that I’m a natural coach.

The Universe has a great way of responding once you’re very clear about your intentions.

The other day, a friend of mine called and offered me a year-long coaching job. I’m actually coaching him on life these days and he has lost 15 pounds while his chiropractic practice is bringing in many new clients. He is growing on all levels, which is the point for all of us. Is this a coincidence? I call it a God-cidence. When you put clarity out into the world, you will be amazed at how many God-cidences will happen to you.

Sounds good, right. So how can you achieve this clarity?

*Get quiet through meditation or spending silent time with yourself. You probably need to be alone to do this part of it. It’s about finding serenity and really listening, so that you’re open to what shows up in this next phase of your life. Don’t be afraid to ask God, “Please grant me clarity.” It will show up.

*The next step is testing one thing against the other. Write down seven or eight things you’re very passionate about in life and then test them against each other. If number one wins against number three then you will continue to test it down against other areas that intrigue you. This is a great way to find out what’s really important to you.

*Take action. This will also reap clarity and action is the only way you can gain real feedback. Remember that emotion is really e-motion or energy in motion. You have to put your energy into motion to realize what’s important and why.

*Take risks, but don’t beat yourself up if you fail a few times. The way to find real clarity is to keep trying. Sometimes clarity shows up quickly, sometimes it doesn’t show up on a Monday afternoon at 4 o’clock when you want it to arrive. You can’t order up an instant dose of clarity like it’s a movie. Know that ultimately, it will show up.

Now, look down at your foot. Ease it off first base. You will suddenly be stealing second and third on your way home.