Becoming known as the “coaches coach”, Scott uses his breadth of experience to help others hone their skills to a finer level.  His keen ability to truly “hear” what his clients are saying helps them recognize and respond appropraitely to continually improve.

Growing up as a five-sport athlete, and being the product of years of coaching from some of the best of the best himself, Scott delivers the lessons and guidance necessary to achieve your highest vision.  His style is help you find the path, encourage you to take it and reinforce and reward you for your successes and lessons learned.

One of Scott’s life-lessons on coaching was delivered by College Hall of Fame Coach Hayden Fry during his years playing football at the University of Iowa.  After making eight straight field goals from various angles and distances zig-zagging across the practice field only to have Coach Fry provide some stern constructive criticism after each made kick, Scott lashed out (in his youthful exuberance of course) at Coach Fry saying, “Coach, you’ve chewed my butt after every kick, what’s up with that?”

Coach Fry calmly and forcefully made his point extremely clear.  He said, “Scott, don’t concern yourself when I’m chewin’ on you—only worry when I don’t because then I don’t give a s***!”  Point delivered and received loud and clear!  From time to time, okay all of the time coaching requires the coach to say what needs to be said, not necessarily what the student wants to hear.

Scott’s style is to deliver those messages in a way designed to give the student what they need to become better and grow in their professional, personal and even spiritual life.  The best of the best all have coaches (Scott included) because of their commitment to CNEPI (Constant and Never-Ending Personal Improvement).

To engage Scott as your personal coach and get more information you need specific to your situation, please call Scott at (972) 659-8941 or email him at .