Equation for Manifistation

After extensive research into the areas of spiritual philosophy, psychology, and quantum theory, Dõv Baron’s studies culminated in 2002 when he completed his dissertation in the field of Consciousness Studies with the subject of Personal Emotional Quantum Resonance Fields. Dõv Baron developed and is the founder of Quantum-Meta-Psychology™.

Dõv Baron is a certified Master Neuro-Linguistic-Programmer, Registered and licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Certified Master of Communication Skills.

He is a Fellow & Diplomat of The American Board of Medical Psychotherapist and Psychodiagnoticians. His professional memberships include The American Counseling Association, The Institute of Noetic Sciences, The Institute of HeartMath, American Holistic Health Association, and Association of Humanistic Psychology.

For more info on Dov Baron & his programs, please visit www.LearnFromDovBaron.com.