It sounds like a modern day fairy tale. Instead of sweeping the chimney, he was pounding the tile at his local burger joint. There were no stepsisters, but there were demanding customers, screaming children and lots of sore feet. For meager tips, he would haul those baby back ribs from the kitchen to the table while asking, “Do you need a refill on your Coke?”

There were no fairy Godmothers, no glass slipper and no magic potion on the mean.

He had to save himself.

This is the story of a young man who six years ago was that waiter working many hard hours a day and now is making over $300,000 dollars. A month!

He quit his restaurant job, learned how to sell and now in his early thirties is married to a top model. He’s also one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. In fact, I was talking with him the other day and you would never know the money side of it until you ask about what he’s doing with his life now.

Here’s a mind boggling sentence for most of us: “Scott, I’m working at a job I love—selling. Each day is exciting and I really love my life. Best of all, I’m not worried about money anymore – and I’ll never be worried again.”

Here are a few particulars I wanted to share with you:

*This guy had no previous sales ability other than he was a waiter and sometimes sold the chicken fajitas hard because that was his favorite dish.

*When he left the restaurant and first got into sales, he had no formal sales training. In fact, he never had a sales job.

*Originally, he had no knowledge about setting an intention or the laws of attraction.

He had to learn all of the above – and I can teach you how in this blog and in my upcoming book.

There is no storybook magic to being a success. And you don’t need a fairy Godmother either because what we’re about to learn is already there as you read these words. You have it within yourself, and I will help you tap into it and use it for your success.

By the way, my new friend now makes three and a half million dollars. A year! He uses my methods to train people and much like me is perfecting his sales training techniques on a daily basis. In one year, he made enough money to cover him…for the rest of his life.

Let’s think this through for a second: The economy is still recovering and you might be struggling and working a job much like my friend who was hauling French fries.

You might wake up in the morning feeling a little bleak about your prospects while trying to not let an overwhelming fear of your financial future cloud your day.

Spring is a time of renewal and I’d like you to consider living a different way where hope replaces fear because one thing is different these days: You have a coach who is guiding you in the direction of possibility.

I want to be that coach.

Just need a few things from you.

First, let’s meet three times a week — Monday, Wednesday and Fridays — in this Internet space. There is no dress code and bring with you a cup of coffee and a notebook or journal. Here, we’ll explore ideas and I’ll take you through a step-by-step process I call Heart Centered Selling, which is a way to keep your ideals intact while becoming more successful than your wildest dreams.

You will be that guy who once asked, “Do you want the side salad for $2.99.”

Now, you don’t ask that anymore because you’ve ordered a different life.

Until next time,


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