Connect with the heart of your audience!

Ministry is outreach. It’s a relational business that depends to a large degree on solid communication skills. Pastors, church and other ministry leaders must be able to communicate effectively to succeed in their calling.

In this book Scott takes you backstage and offers you 104 powerful concepts he’s developed and used successfully while speaking/training around the world. Whether you are a natural-born speaker, or you dread the very thought of it, Scott’s “communication refresh” will teach you how to establish and maintain rapport with those God has called you to serve!

In this book you will learn…

– How to Build Rapport Quickly

– How to Gain and Retain More Members

– How to Create a More Caring Environment

– How to Increase Financial and Ministry Support!

And much more…

Make a bigger impact and communicate more effectively beginning today!

“The greatest value Scott brings me is his ability to distill the issues in my business and life into lessons that linger long after the story is told. Clarity, focus, faith, and trust in the process, have all been deepened through our weekly calls.

I unconditionally recommend Scott if you’re looking for a coach that will challenge you to own your deepest held beliefs, take action on your biggest dreams, and want a partner who believes that the best is yet to come.”

— Victoria Trabosh, Executive Coach and Author of Dead Rita’s Wisdom

“Scott is a brilliant Speaker and Teacher. His ideas on how to grow your business and personal life are based on solid Christian Principles with perhaps the best application of these principles that I have seen!“

— Tom Parker, VP, K&H Insurance Services

Communication specialist, Scott Schilling, is a committed Christian. For 35+ years he has made face to face presentations across a range of industries. Each year he speaks to hundreds of thousands of people.