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John Carpenter Dealey was born in 1948, in Dallas, Texas. He is a long time native Texan, descended from two different prominent pioneer families. His extended family(ies) owns the largest newspaper in Texas (& 19 TV/media properties around the country) and also developed the mini/city business community near the airport and between Dallas and Ft. Worth called Las Colinas.

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John started his first business at age nine and became a self-made millionaire at age 27. He then made a second fortune for himself and his partners in a different industry. His current interests focus on teaching/consulting niche practice using Groups and the MasterMind principle as developed by Andrew Carnegie.

Each Advisory Council is made up of presidents and owners of companies with annual revenues from two million to several hundred million or larger. He is also the author of four books and one series entitled “Words That Have Changed Lives”.

Driving Goals In Life:

John loves to help people accomplish their dreams and be the very best he can be each day with the talents God has given him. He wants to be a great dad, have fun and help make this wonderful world an EVEN better place.


John has won many awards and accolades. He has served on 40 different Boards of Directors (small, public, private, associations/organizations, public companies, charities/non-profits {local and national}, in various capacities [Chairman, President, member-only, committee head, etc…])

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SOARING International is a MEMBERSHIP site to help individuals of all ages (15-89 years of age)….from all walks of life….with an insatiable desire to succeed! The premise of our PROVEN & TESTED 10 year track record helping individuals reach their “Honorable Designs” is using 3 Success Principles:

– The power of the “MASTERMIND,” where two or more people come together forming a “MasterMind” of combined experiences, resources, talents, etc. as described in the best selling book called, “Think & Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill to being SUCCESSFUL!

– The power of “MENTORSHIP” helping our SOARING Members stay Accountable, Focused, and Motivated!

– The power of learning from “MENTORS” who have reached the pinnacle of success in their respective areas of expertise to help you avoid the bumps often experiences when going down the path of SUCCESS alone!

Our re-designed website further demonstrates our company’s foundational principle, which is reflected in our new corporate tag line: “Our EXPERIENCE = Your SUCCESS!” This phrase captures the essence of our company’s existence and is our ultimate mission. We are very proud of our 10 year SUCCESS record. Feel free to read the many testimonials of satisfied SOARING Members who use our programs, resources, and services to help them SUCCEED FASTER! I challenge you to find another SUCCESS Program, like ours, with the type of results we offer, affordably in the marketplace today!

We are passionate about delivering distinctive, memorable and proven personalized tools, endorsed by psychologists and some of America’s wealthiest and generous people, to help you reach your FULL POTENTIAL (personal or business related) FASTER!

We create relationships, as opposed to merely completing transactions.

While we are proud to introduce our new website, we aren’t stopping here! We encourage you to mark our site, as one of your favorites, staying current on our NEW SOARING blog and what is in store for YOUR future! The site is reflective of our fundamental belief that it is an honor and privilege to SERVE every person with whom we interact with, so the next time you stop by, you will bring a new friend to come along with you.

If YOU are serious about achieving a higher level of results FASTER, whether it’s to lose those extra pounds, get into the college of your choice, or for business reasons, SOARING International has a Membership type for YOU! Join us and SOAR!

Until then be….


John Carpenter Dealey, Founder
International MasterMind Expert, Mentor, Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

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