Knowledge is an amazing thing.  Without it—you are no different from anyone else—no matter your profession—no matter your passion—no matter your God-given talents.  With it on the other hand—you are different from everyone else—you can be at the pinnacle of your profession—your passion shines through in all you do—your God-given talents and capabilities can be maximized beyond original thought.  He with the most knowledge that puts it into action truly prevails!


I know what you’re probably thinking, how can a Chiropractic patient judge the knowledge that a clinically trained, highly educated Chiropractor has within their very being.  It’s easy—all they have to do is “experience” their treatment and listen!  Chiropractors let’s their patients in on their knowledge base every time they interact with the patient—visually, audibly and kinesthetically.


Chiropractors by profession have some of the most stringent educational requirements of any discipline.  Not only are there requirements for total hours of college credits to graduate but there are also continuing education hours required to stay licensed and certified.  This is sometimes no small task in itself.  Beyond that, they are required to operate their practices as a full blown business with all that entails—more knowledge needed.  Is the concept of the value of knowledge starting to become apparent?


Knowledge is the corner stone to anything in life!  How can that be said?  It’s easy because it’s true!  Think back to anytime in your life, it could be way back when you were riding a bike, it could be anything in which “you knew that you knew” what you were doing—did you ever lack confidence?  Nope!  When ever you “knew that you knew” because of the knowledge you had, you always had the confidence to go along with it.  And when you had the knowledge and the confidence together—you always had success!


For a Chiropractor to be truly successful in the profession—they have to “know” Chiropractic inside and out.  And at the same time—that is only to be expected by your patients—it’s shouldn’t be anything extraordinary.  Why you ask?  Because Chiropractic is your chosen profession!  You should know everything there is to know about everything about your chosen profession—that’s shouldn’t be out of the ordinary!  In fact, that is the very minimum—now for the rest of the story.


To be the best you can be in any profession, you need to know your profession inside and out, live it daily with full conviction, and then learn everything there is to learn about anything that is complimentary and/or contrary to the profession.  Why?  Again it’s simple—patients expect you to know your profession and many don’t expect you to know those that are complimentary and/or contrary with the same level of expertise.  Here’s the kicker—when you do—you now become more valuable to them than anyone else!  You become THE Authority!


Becoming the “Wellness” one-stop-shop, your overall value increases to your patients.  Because of the value you provide them, they will in turn provide you value in return—paying the fees you request—maintaining the schedules you suggest—and referring others that are in desperate need of your care because you have the answers!  You become the “Well-answer-man” (or woman!).


A simple way to inform your patients of your commitment to continuing education is to have them “experience” a true professional in action.  Let them see your commitment to the Chiropractic lifestyle, let them hear the knowledge of a true “Wellness” professional, and let the feel the hands of one of the best clinical technicians every to be trained in the art, science and philosophy of Chiropractic care.  When you “know that you know”—certainty shines through everything you do!


To be truly successful in your practice, confidence that all that you do is for the best and total care of your patients is essential.  That confidence comes from an unrelenting desire to continue to learn everything there is to know about everything that can and will benefit your patients.   That’s right—KNOWLEDGE in action is power!  As you continually increase your knowledge, you have everything it takes to be as successful as you want to become!