To Inspire and Empower others to serve humanity through living their life’s purpose in spirit, love and joy!


One of the greatest lessons learned to date is the importance of having a Life Purpose Statement.  It ultimately becomes the filter through which business opportunities and relationships flow.

My life’s purpose has been passed down to me by my higher source, God and Jesus Christ.  I truly believe I have been put on earth to use the talents and capabilities God has granted me to serve and help others. By doing so, I recognize I also am served.

Through teaching and speaking, my desire is to share the knowledge and wisdom that comes from years of study, practice and life experience to help others fulfill their dreams and visions.  Through this sharing process, others grow and hopefully in turn, have a similar desire to pay it forward to still others.

Working together, each of us can play a part in making our world a better, more productive, loving and caring place.

I truly believe we have been put on this earth for only two reasons: to live a fabulous life–and to help as many people along the way as we can.

To me, that is a fulfilled and happy life full of spirit, love and joy!