Remember when we were kids and you went to the doctor for a booster shot? That meant that you had some of the good stuff in your system, but you needed this extra “boost” to make sure you were 100 percent.

Today’s blog is a bit of a booster shot when it comes to an idea that we all need to embrace in the world of sales. Think of it as a push in the positive direction. This idea comes from a discussion I had with a friend who was struggling in his career because of the economy. He said, “Scott, I’m looking at the first quarter of this year and I’m just not where I want to be. It’s depressing.”

Well, that’s one way to look at it.

What if you did a little bit of a mind makeover? I love a famous quote that hits it on the head: “I know I’m not where I want to be, but thank God I’m not where I’ve been.”

Many of us went through a rather difficult 2009.  It’s time to approach this year positive that we’ve moved beyond those days and it’s onward and upward…even if we’re not exactly where we want to be quite yet.

What does this have to do with your sales? I’m glad you asked because it’s simple: You have to sell from an optimistic part of you. If you walk around thinking, “I’ll be lucky if this works” then guess what? You will be lucky to get through the day without making it a bleak one.

One way to really embrace the positive is a strong belief in your product or re-committing to that belief. If you’re selling the wrong thing then you will have a tough time finding that positive attitude that’s necessary. Yes, you might be there spewing out a bunch of words about your product, but you’re not really there on the heart and soul level. And you must be there with all that’s inside of you to make your customer believe that what you’re offering is necessary.

If you don’t believe in your product then the presentation will often be shallow and hollow. And eventually the bottom will drop out.

I’m saying this because I know many people are new to sales because they’ve switched careers for a variety of reasons including layoffs and downsizing. They might think that they can sell anything. I’m cautioning that you better find a product you believe in. Ultimately, your choice in this area will be far more important than your pitch.

I’m asked, “Have you ever sold a product you didn’t believe in?”

The answer is no. Maybe I’ve been blessed in that way. But I learned from the beginning to sell what touched my heart and my belief system. I’ve never been the “just selling something” guy. For me, sales (and my whole life) have been dedicated to serving others in the best possibly way. To that end, I always needed to understand the value that came with what I was selling. Now, I wasn’t just saying a bunch of words to make a sale, but my words had great meaning to me – and that couldn’t help but translate to the customer.

Your belief in your product will get you through the tough times. Now, let’s say you have a great sales job, but your belief in your product is lackluster. You have no choice, but to get out there every single day because you have bills to pay. But you know something isn’t right.

What should you do? The answer is renew and examine the product again. Get excited by being inventive. Find something fresh to add value and interest, which will be a booster shot when it comes to your passion for the product. Ask yourself: What do you love about it? What can you modify about it in order to love it? Perhaps you can influence the powers that be to offer some extras like a better service or warranty plan. Maybe the fix is being more attentive to customers by returning their calls quicker?  How will you serve others with this product in the best way possible?

If you can’t figure that one out then perhaps you’re better selling something else.

And remember that with positivity each day will get a little bit better. No, you’re not where you want to be …just yet.

But you’re far better off than where you were yesterday.