The Byron Nelson PGA Tour event was held at the TPC Las Colinas. Like all tour events, it was a collection of the world’s best golfers competing to win the first prize of $1,170,000. Not bad for a 4 rounds of golf. It’s interesting to see how differently the 157 golfers respond and react to the various issues that come up throughout their rounds.

Brett Quigley is a tour veteran that holds the distinction of winning the most money on tour over a career without winning a tournament. Brett and I met at Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success program last summer. He’s really a fantastic guy and I had the privilege of following him on his second round Friday.

After pushing a drive slightly on his opening hole, he hit a super little shot under a tree that was easily 6 inches from perfect. Unfortunately, those 6 inches put him in a bunker as opposed to knocking it tight to the pin. An opening bogey. Next tee Brett hit an amazing 6 iron that took a terrible hop into another bunker with horrible lie. A couple more unfortunate bounces and it was a double bogey; 3 over after the first 2 holes. This was starting as a debacle.

About Brett’s 16th hole of the day, a father and his son came up to me and asked if I knew Brett. I told him that we had gotten to know each other over the past 6 months and what a great guy I know him to be. This is when the father shared something that proved to be a great lesson. He said that he and his son had been watching Brett most of the round and noticed that even when Brett suffered a bad result from a great effort, he never got upset. In fact, as he said it, he was a total class act.

He asked if I would pass along that message to Brett. That he was a true inspiration and taught both he and his son a fantastic lesson that day. The lesson was simple: That even in adversity we can all provide inspiration to others. Brett was extremely thankful for the message this father passed along. And even more thankful that he could leave a positive impression on the fathers son.

Brett missed the cut for the Nelson but accomplished something pretty special to those who saw him play last week. It was great to watch a class act work his craft and keep his head up even when it could have been down. While very few who read this are PGA Tour players, we all have the opportunity to provide this type of inspiration daily. The question for all of us is the same; Are we doing it? Hopefully you make a difference today.

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