Founder-Leaders for Life


We help students discover their potential by developing “The Keys to Authentic Living”.

The keys help them:

• Establish Goals
• Balance Responsibilities
• Speak with Confidence
• Increase Self-Awareness
• Enhance Self-Motivation
• Make a Positive Difference
• Empower Others to Lead
• Create Programs in Your School

Leaders for LIFE Mission Statement:

Leaders for Life International empowers teens to fulfill dreams and achieve success.

Our dynamic programs awaken inner potential and provide a foundation for authentic, inspired action. By attending our programs, teens learn to create life balance, achieve academic success effortlessly, manage time effectively, and craft action plans.

Participants leave our programs as engaged leaders with the power needed to initiate and complete community projects. By increasing confidence and applying new leadership strategies, we forge trusting bonds between participants and staff.

Our pre/post surveys demonstrate a significant increase in participants confidence and communication skills as they lead others. Teens report applying these skills throughout the year.